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Metamorphosis: Butterfly

To me, the concept of evolvement is inherently alchemic – that is one of transmutation from one state to another state – a more refined, higher vibrational state. And as our thoughts, consciousness, vibrations, sensations and experiences transmute – we are at the heart of this alchemic process … that is our spirit.

My favorite metaphor for this process is that of a butterfly in metamorphosis.
It goes like this:
“Metamorphosis is more than just transformation. It is the transmutation from one state of being to another. A coming into being of something new. The archetypal paradigm in the nature kingdom is the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, but there are many other such examples. In Egyptian mythology the scarab beetle is chosen instead of the butterfly, but the basic idea is the same.” (M.Alan Kazlev

I like to use the metaphor of the butterfly – and just as the butterfly is synonymous with metamorphosis so too, our journey … a journey of evolvement.

The butterfly metaphor is particularly useful when trying to describe the alchemic processes. Elisabet Sahtouris has captured the idea perfectly: “Inside a cocoon, deep in the caterpillar’s body, tiny things biologists call ‘imaginal disks’ begin to form. Not recognizing the newcomers, the caterpillar’s immune system snuffs them. But they keep coming faster and faster, then begin to link up with each other. Eventually the caterpillar’s immune system fails from the stress and the disks become imaginal cells that build the butterfly from the meltdown of the caterpillar’s body. If we see ourselves as imaginal discs working to build the butterfly of a better world, we will also see how important it is to link with each other in the effort, to recognize how many different kinds of imaginal cells it will take to build a butterfly with all its capabilities and colors.”

Imagine butterfly, imagine beetle.
Just say yes, and do it.
Only connect.
Your spirit is waiting.
Your new you is ready to emerge.