Born in Adelaide South Australia with a penchant for experiencing life in its depth. As a teenager created an opportunity to satiate this penchant and began a journey throughout Australia.

This journey provided a smorgasbord of luxuries and I developed myself and my character through a background of drama, dancing, theatre, a cappella, light opera, writing, publishing, philosophy, people, study and the community. My journey came to a halt when I caught sight of the Tweed/Gold Coast. I have my home and my niche here in the lower Gold Coast region.
I still indulge in the luxuries or my well crafted smorgasbord of delicacies – writing, people, and community – life with a purpose!
Post secondary education began at Deakin University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy and Religious studies. Some years later I continued studies and obtained a Diploma’s in Counseling and as a Life Coach along with further studies in Relationships in Jeopardy, Life’s-cycles and human blue printing.

During a sabbatical from post graduate studies I wrote articles, workbooks and booklets for the community in addition to working with clients in my own practice. Additionally, I furthered my education in the field of alternative healing with an emphasis self healing and metaphysics. I became a certified Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner, and Metaphysical mentor. All of the above healing practices focus on the power of personal alignment and tapping into natures healers through the universal connection.

This culminated in a repertoire of skills and passion as:
Author and Poet
Mentor and Counselor


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