Hello world!

Today is the start of a new cycle. It is hello world and welcome to the new. I realised something quite swiftly as my life became a roller coast ride from the old life to the new. That is – I do want this. I may not have caught up to it and change can be confusing…BUT it is good. It is really good.




About deborahkbates

A Metaphysical practitioner, Life Coach and Professional Counsellor for more than ten years I have had vast experience in helping people manage their lives holistically. I work with the principles that healing practices should focus on the power of personal alignment and tapping into natures healers through the universal connection. As a published author, I write material such as workbooks and articles on numerous sujects realted to self-help, health, personal development and motivation and spirituality - not to forget a bit of poetry and fiction. My personal vision... I have faith in humanity and the consciousness of our race to work together in harmony. My vision crosses over the threshold of gender, race, religion, socio-economic status towards an evolving species engendering peace, harmony for humanity and the planet. Transmutation of thought and action I subscribe to as the cornerstone of healing and evolvement. I pay heed and creed to the art of self-healing and the journey of individuals in spirit aligned to their personal truth. View all posts by deborahkbates

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